Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A FOODIE'S TAKE ON...terlupa Loh Mee!

this so-called "foodie" 
has a memory of an ant....

i forgot to feature 
this article in my blog. 
so, here it is. 

this is Loh Mee; 
or Loh Noodle; 
whichever is appropriate... 

Loh Mee is a Chinese style noodle recipe 
with thick savoury gravy, 
served with bits of chicken, beef, prawns and fried tofu. 
garnished with beansprouts, spring onions, 
hard-boiled eggs and dried mushroom. 
along side of it, 
sambal belacan and 
a squeeze of calamansi 
can be added to give the Loh Mee 
a bit of a kick! 
best for brunch or supper. 
it is quite filling, 
considering the thickness of the gravy 
and the softness of the egg noodle. 

one note,
i had this Loh Mee in a Chinese restaurant, 
but...the cooks were all Muslims, 
and, from what i observed, 
there was a plaque on the wall 
which certifies that the restaurant only serves HALAL food. 
plus, i saw some Pak Haji and Mak Haji 
enjoying their food as well. 
this is one tactic how the taukehneo (restaurant owner) 
attracts more diners to her restaurant. 

hmm... i wonder, which is better? 
Laksa Sarawak, 
Kolo Mee ( both of which were previously featured);
or this...Loh Mee? 

i guess i would have to taste them again, 
so that i could take my pick! 
hehehe...the glutton!

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  1. nyam nyam nyam.......mcm mi kantonis jak niy, mesti nyaman. mun ko msak len kali, brik aku ckit ahh....emm..


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