Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cultural Festival @ SK Nanga Kain

Both pictures are showing the dancers 
from SK Nanga Kain. 

These were the teams 
that represented their school 
during a cultural festival 
held at my school in May 2008.

1) SK Nanga Stapang 
    - traditional Melanau Dance

2) SK Nanga Kain
    - traditional Iban & Bidayuh dance medley

3) SK Lepong Gaat
    - Chinese pop dance

4) SK Entuloh 
    - traditional Malay dance

5) SK Sempili 
    - traditional Iban dance

6) SK Temenggong Koh 
    - traditional Kenyah & Iban dance combo

Sunday, November 23, 2008

about teaching in SK Nanga Kain


i'm a teacher; 
teaching in the heart of Borneo. 
the teachers and staffs are of multi-ethnicity. 
some are 
Malays, Ibans, Melanaus, Bidayuhs, Javanese origin, and even Kadazan. 
Few years back, there were Chinese and Indians.

sharing is a good thing

hi guys.
i'd like to start with a simple thought; LETS LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY. we live in a multi-racial country where the freedom to practise one's religion is never restricted. i always believe that no matter what the "bad people" say or do to fight for the rights of their respective race, it's always up to us; the mundane, innocent, naive citizens/people; to stay positive and to live together in peace. Remember, don't let the "bad people" tear us apart. MALAYSIA IN PEACE, NOT IN PIECES.


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