Monday, August 24, 2009

Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein

i guess for the past few weeks since ASTRO showcasing the films by Yasmin Ahmad
( SEPET and GUBRA ), i began humming to this song. it sounded beautiful, even if i don't know what the song meant. so, i looked it up in youtube and wikipedia, and to my surprise, i found these info. plus, i found the english translation of the song by Madhuri Dixit.! There...go figure.

Sometimes this thought comes in my heart
If I had to pass life in the soft shadows of your hair,
Then there would have been delight
The blackness of this pain that has cast over the heart
Could have become lost in the lust of your glances
But this could not happen and now this ambience
When you are not there, then your pain, your talks are not there
Life is passing by in such a way
It does not have the desire for anyone’s assistance
No path, no destination, no sign of light
My life is bumping around in the dark
In this darkness, sometime I will become lost
I know, my companion, but however
Sometimes this thought comes in my heart

Sunday, August 23, 2009


my latest photo-grid
photos by : norsham
arrangement : desmond feliz
design : m tauhhid

ZAMRUD KHATULISTIWA – behind the scene + still images

Directed and produced by : m tauhhid
Stop-motion arrangement by : m tauhhid
Photography by : m tauhhid & desmond
Field scene trainer : jesion
Drafts : Rufina Gregory & M. N. Zawawi

Thanks to : Laura, Sarida, Jesion, Rufina and Awie.

Super special and the biggest thanks goes to the kids:
Augustine, Bhrusly, Catherine, Christina, Desmond, Francis, Gillian, Icha, Imanuel, Jessica, Karthina, Nadia, Nelson, Nike, Patricia, Patricia Aina, Patricia Liza, Petrik, Samentha, Singgal, Sofia, Wilson, Wilson Philips and Winnie.

my latest video creation

this was the second part of the video for the video MAJLIS PELANCARAN BULAN MOTIVASI UPSR 2009.

Disclaimer: The video contains the audio track ZAMRUD KHATULISTIWA by White Shoes And The Couples Company. The video was made with the purest intention and wasn’t meant to violate the copyright ownership of the song. The video was made solely for entertainment purposes, and I will not benefit from it financially. This video was not the official video for the song. I own the copyright ownership of the stock footage and still images, and White Shoes And The Couples Company owns the copyright ownership for the song. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the band for their understanding on the above matter. Thanks.

long time no see mee lah...

Hello people.
I’ve been quite busy lately, with the UPSR is just around the corner. Our school had launch the BULAN MOTIVASI UPSR 2009 ( 2009 UPSR Motivation Month ) for the Year 6 students. It was a joyous occasion, with the teachers and students all involved; together with their parents. It took us about 3 weeks to plan and carry out the launching ceremony. The motivation program itself will take place through August. As for me, I was assigned to prepare and design the opening montage for the launching ceremony. So, I made a new short-film presentation. The short film was made in two parts. Part 1 was about the 5 months activities by the students and teachers before the launching ceremony. Part 2 was my favourite part. I’m not going to say much about the second part of the montage.


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