Monday, August 24, 2009

Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein

i guess for the past few weeks since ASTRO showcasing the films by Yasmin Ahmad
( SEPET and GUBRA ), i began humming to this song. it sounded beautiful, even if i don't know what the song meant. so, i looked it up in youtube and wikipedia, and to my surprise, i found these info. plus, i found the english translation of the song by Madhuri Dixit.! There...go figure.

Sometimes this thought comes in my heart
If I had to pass life in the soft shadows of your hair,
Then there would have been delight
The blackness of this pain that has cast over the heart
Could have become lost in the lust of your glances
But this could not happen and now this ambience
When you are not there, then your pain, your talks are not there
Life is passing by in such a way
It does not have the desire for anyone’s assistance
No path, no destination, no sign of light
My life is bumping around in the dark
In this darkness, sometime I will become lost
I know, my companion, but however
Sometimes this thought comes in my heart

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