Monday, March 29, 2010


hah! bertubi-tubi blogpost aku petang nih. here's my dedication to a friend. congratulations to mdm HASLINDAWATIE and her hubby on the arrival of a beautiful baby. here's a picture of baby Mu'az Alaudin.

uncle doakan semoga baby Mu'az akan sihat sentiasa dan janganlah selalu shii shii and poo poo, nanti mak gajah pot pet pot pet! hehehehe

what do you think?

hm...tell me, what thoughts came crossing your mind when you saw this?

photo: miss sham syaniz
copyright of Miss Norsham Sariyah

Saturday, March 27, 2010

sour grapes....kes tak sanggup menghadapi kekalahan le ni....

terikut ikut pulak dengan blogpost dari miss sham. 
so, miss sham posted something on her blog, 
spilling all her heart about 
competition result. check out her blog. 

so, my class also took part in the competition. 
hehehe...and i'm proud (too proud...) 
to tell y'all that my class didn't win! 
hahaha.... take a look at these pictures 
and tell me what you think.

the kids tried their best 
to maintain the cleanliness 
of their classroom, 
but masih jugak kalah (still losing). 
it's ok, at least we can still study 
in a peaceful mode.

yup...i know...i'm a bit of a sour grape. 
but still, either sour or sweet, 
grapes are grapes!

Friday, March 26, 2010

my personal pick - lyrics for ROMAN KETIGA

so, here's the lyrics to a great song from an Indonesian band; White Shoes & The Couples Co. i listen to this song for hundreds of times, and i don't think i'm bored with it. it's just like one of those song that got stuck to your brain, and it played itself on...and on...and on... and on...

so, if you have the chance to go to youtube, check a live version of this song. everything about this band is old skool, retro even.... and to an old soul like me, this fits just nice.

Roman Ketiga

Cahya surya menyinari
menyirami sanubari

Kuterlena akan lagu
merdu senandung mendayu.

Aku jatuh dan tak bangun lagi
tenggelam di rayuannya

Menerpa sgala angkara murka
padanya ku ‘kan setia.

[Lagu: Yusmario Farabi, Lirik: Aprilia Apsari, 2007]
[Aransemen Musik: White Shoes & The Couples Company]

Saturday, March 20, 2010

my poem


let me be in your dreams
i'll sleep by your side;
dreaming of you -
dreaming of me.
waking up by your side
and to see you smiling -
looking back
at me.
Copyright © 2009

practice session volume 3

so, here's a latest video, and might be the last from me for this year...hopefully not. let me story you a little bit about the video. this video features the videowork of miss sarida. the video took a long time to shoot and a few days to edit. credits are included at the end of the video.

hahaha, now, why did i say this might be my last video for this year? well, i broke my camcorder. 'nuff said. until i get my hands on a new camcorder ( and laptop...and digital camera...) i'm not going to make any videos. so until then, just enjoy this video for now. i'm not going to quit blogging yet. i don't think i'll ever.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my darlings for 2010

these are my English Language students for this year. my challenge for this year, to be exact. i'm teaching the students from Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6. i'm trying my best to teach these kids to be good (at least...) in English Language. Proficiency-wise, these kids able to construct basic English Language sentences, both simple and compound sentences... limited to one conjunction per sentence. you have to remember, English Language is a foreign language to these students. most of them couldn't even speak Bahasa Malaysia fluently, let alone speak English Language.

Their mother-tongue is the Iban language, then the second language is Bahasa Malaysia. so that would mean English Language is the third language to be learn.

But, no challenge for me is too hard. i'm going to keep on trying and teach these kids to my best ability, and make sure they learn and understand English Language. should i throw in some statistics? hmm... i could blab on this, but i won't.

the kids did so well in the examinations and they're trying their best to learn English Language. i'm sure they will be proficient in this language.

so help me GOD.....

these are the pictures of the darlings....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

just for March...My Personal Pick

sorry y'all, i've been having some technical problems lately. but i'll try my best to keep everything updated, even if it means i have to do my blogging from an internet cafe or some public internet whatever. hmm.. seems like i'm in a jinx or something. but, hell... who cares, as long as i keep working on this problem, everything will be just fine.

So, now, on with the show.... here's The Cardigans with their breakthrough song Carnival, taken from their 1995 album Life. Very retro...hmm, my cup of tea. enjoy.


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