Friday, March 26, 2010

my personal pick - lyrics for ROMAN KETIGA

so, here's the lyrics to a great song from an Indonesian band; White Shoes & The Couples Co. i listen to this song for hundreds of times, and i don't think i'm bored with it. it's just like one of those song that got stuck to your brain, and it played itself on...and on...and on... and on...

so, if you have the chance to go to youtube, check a live version of this song. everything about this band is old skool, retro even.... and to an old soul like me, this fits just nice.

Roman Ketiga

Cahya surya menyinari
menyirami sanubari

Kuterlena akan lagu
merdu senandung mendayu.

Aku jatuh dan tak bangun lagi
tenggelam di rayuannya

Menerpa sgala angkara murka
padanya ku ‘kan setia.

[Lagu: Yusmario Farabi, Lirik: Aprilia Apsari, 2007]
[Aransemen Musik: White Shoes & The Couples Company]

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