Sunday, July 31, 2011

WSATCC : Today Is No Sunday

rainy day...

here's my latest video creation. 
the video was uploaded onto youtube 
about a week ago,
and now, it is officially premiered 
here on my blog. 
so, i hope that you'll enjoy watching it. 

view in HD....

view in standard definition...

Disclaimer: The video contains the audio track TODAY IS NO SUNDAY by White Shoes & The Couples Company. The video was made with the purest intention and wasn't meant to violate the copyright ownership of the song. The video was made solely for entertainment purposes, and I will not benefit from it financially. This video was not the official video for the song. I own the copyright ownership of the stock footage and still images, and White Shoes & The Couples Company owns the copyright ownership for the song. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the band for their understanding on the above matter. Thanks.

i'm taking a minimalist approach in creating this video. 
the inspirations for this video were the song itself;
and the filming style of the late Yasmin Ahmad. 

i love the sound of the rain in this video. 
so, what do you think? 

Friday, July 29, 2011

home is the place where i yearn to belong...


sorry, i'm just sharing a few. 
i privacy sikit gitewwwww.....
this beautiful tree
welcomes everyone to my home

my reading corner, i got so many books,
but just not enough space to keep 'em,
look, some of them are on the bookshelf. 

mom's mini-garden....
at the moment
these orchids aren't flowering

mom's mini garden....

hahaha....area rumah i ni digelarkan
Kampung Pinang Enam Batang. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A FOODIE'S TAKE ON...journey home!

ok, now i'm home..
and what a journey home it was!

it was very tiring, 
but it was worth it.  
the journey started from Kapit town, 
then arrived in Sibu, 
took a bus ride to Sarikei, 
then the journey home in my car....

boleh tahan kan? 
you bet!
but, there was an excellent source of calorie
for the journey....
a plate of (o my GOD!) delicious nasi lemak. 

Sergeant Misai,
 thanks for the breakfast!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A FOODIE'S TAKE ON...tea at Madam Niza's

just weeks ago,
Miss Sarida and Madam Niza
hosted a simple tea party.
everyone had a great time.

the calories were put to good use...
by playing badminton.

thanks kak idot and dik non!

Sham berposing dengan
sebotol sos jenama Lingam's

pisang goreng....
crispy and yummm....!

cucur ikan bilis Adabi

i don't actually know
the name of this kuih....

potato wedges,
very healthy......

personal assistants....

Ladies and gentlemen....
put your hands together for 
Vitheres Sambai and Diana; 
my two personal assistants! 

no lahhh....
two of my students.  

i was just experimenting with this 
photography technique, 
and yupp....
it worked!
proven...i don't really need 
an expensive camera.


snap..snap..Kapit Town....

waiting for the van to depart....
surely is tiresome!

an Iban lady selling various types of
local produce

i love this picture....
just look at the cheerful baby....

a view from inside the van

time to depart.......

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tribute: Amy Winehouse

(14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011)

Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter. She is best known for her eclectic mix of various musical genres, including soul, jazz, rock and roll and R&B. Winehouse released two albums of original music: Frank (2003) and Back to Black (2006). Frank was originally released byIsland Records in October 2003 in the United Kingdom and in November 2007 in the United States. Because of the success of her second album,Frank was later re-issued in the UK in May 2008 and in the US in June 2008. Black to Black was issued under Island Records in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, and under Universal Republic in the US. Several of Winehouse' singles have charted worldwide, including "Rehab", "You Know I'm No Good", "Back to Black", "Tears Dry on Their Own", and "Valerie".

Winehouse's debut album earned several awards and recognitions, including an Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song ("Stronger Than Me"), a BRIT Award nomination for Best Female Solo Artist, and an inclusion in Robert Dimery's 2006 book, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Back to Black produced numerous nominations, including two from the BRIT Awards (Best Female Solo Artist and Best British Album), six from the Grammy Awards, four from the Ivor Novello Awards, four from the MTV Europe Music Awards, three from the MTV Video Music Awards, three from the World Music Awards, and one each from the Mercury Prize (Album of the Year) and MOBO Awards (Best UK Female). Overall, Winehouse received 23 awards from 58 nominations.

source: wikipedia

Friday, July 22, 2011


call me sentimental....
call me reflective.....
mana-mana korang nak laaa....

i sesaja nak mengimbas kembali kenangan
masa Hari Sukan kat sekolah i dulu tuuuu...

just sit back and enjoy looking at the pictures ok....

berpoco-poco untuk warming up! kelezzz giteewwww....

haaa...Apai Sikuriti pun ditarik dan dipaksa untuk berpoco-poco bersama.
Siap bawak belantan dan walkie-talkie lagi..
kelezzzz gitewww....

malas nak komen gambar ni,
sebab pondok diaorang menang pondok tercantik!.
hahaha...i dengkizz gitewwww!!!

ini pun i malas nak komen banyak,
sebab pondok diaorang siap ada letak kain pelamin lagi.
 dengkizzz lagi nok....hehehehe

semakin dengkizzz nyee aku nengok pondok rumah merah.
siap ada bendera ikan lagi...
jelezzzzzzzzzzz nye aku!!!!!

oopss...nampak ganazz tak
dua orang pengurus rumah kuning itewwww?

seorang je sebenarnya geng Red Warrior of Kelantan,
yang tiga orang dibelakang tu....warrior sesat.
hahahaha....kejizzz sungguh i ni kan?

pemenang pertandingan ratu cantik SK Nanga Kain,
jangan jelezzzzz!

hijau, merah, kuning...
gengsi yang sibuk sentiasa di astaka!

dan juaranya adalah.....
RUMAH KUNING.......!!!!!
tepuk - tepuk - tepuk....
well, tipu actually, tempat ketiga jerrr.....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hi y’all. I’m a bit down with flu today.
 I’ve been having this since Sunday,
but it wasn’t that bad at first.
It only got bad yesterday,
after playing badminton.
Plus, yesterday,
I had an extra class with my students in the evening.
I felt a bit light-headed whilst teaching,
so I had to sit throughout the whole session.

 now it felt much better
after I took some meds from mr.WK.

At the moment I’m typing this,
I’m in the classroom;
 looking over my students
who are taking their examination,
my English Language papers!

Although down with a slight illness,
I’m still going to do this!
My students need me,
and I will always be there for them.
God willing…..
and God give me strength
and love to persevere.

I guess I had this flu on Saturday, because I was busy playing in the rain…hehehe, recording for my so-called newest elemental video project. Serves me right; for not taking care of myself well. Hehehe….but, it was worth it!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay, I’m not going to comment separately on these two new videos I created; plus, I haven’t uploaded the videos onto youtube. So, for the time being, just feast your eyes on the screen captures and picture grid that I made, especially for you guys.

This First Video
These two screen-captures were taken from the opening montage of my latest Teachers’ Day video. I can’t share too, much but let me share with you this info, the montage opens with a bit of a blooper. I had a great laugh when I saw it repeatedly.  

This Second Video

Well, this picture grid shows you just a few scenes from the video itself. Take a closer look; and you will find that in the video, there’s not a single person shown in them.  The main element in the video is the rain. I’m keeping it simple in this video; there’s no split screen technique, no time-reverse, no humans, just the rain. O my God, I can’t wait to share this video with you guys.  I’m not going into too much details, it’ll spoil the excitement. 

A FOODIE'S TAKE ON...tell me, who doesn't like food?


how am i going to kick start after not blogging for a few days? 
well, no other way but to share something to do with food.......
tell me, who doesn't like food? 

kuih Cek Mek Molek...
berdasarkan maklumat yang i peroleh 
dari WK and Awie laa...
this kuih is a recipe by Sham Shaniz.

cucur sayur...
versi kurang sayur.

Popia daging, 
untuk minum petang,
hasil kerja tangan i ngan Kakak Hoss.
pesanan buat kakak hos,
jangan asyik menonton Marimau jak kerja,
nanti popia sik menjadi.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

just keeping this one simple!

lama tak update ye?

bukan apa nok, 
banyak kerja sekarang nih. 
blogging tergendala sebentar. 

as you can see, 
i'm back!
after a few days of silence laaaa....

"Anything new?"
you might ask. 

you bet i do!"

coming soon, 
i'll be premiering two of my 
latest video creations, 
both will be in HD format. 
haaa.....kelezzzz gitewww!

no more stories on playing badminton?"
you might ask again.

no no no no no....."
i'm bored of telling it already. 
now, i'm just playing badminton;
and there's no need for me to tell
that i'm constantly losing!

padan muka aku!
riak sangat! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

kisah berbadminton lagi.....NOT!

I dah BOSAN!
Cerita itu sudah BASI!
I tak nak konfiden melampau sangat!
I dah tak kuasa nak bercerita perkara yang sama!
I dah insaf…..
Tak nak riak lagi….!

“dengar…..oh jeritan batinku….” Gitewwww….
Apakah semua ini?
Apa kes yang berlaku?
Kenapa menjerit-jerit?

Inilah dia penutup untuk siri cerita bermain badminton yang selama ni menghias laman blog I nih…. Segala cerita dan sketsa yang I masukkan dalam siri cerita bermain badminton tu adalah benar belaka, namun ditambah sedikit-sebanyak elemen lucu yang I harap telah menghiburkan y’all pembaca-pembaca blog I nih.

I’m not going to post anymore story about me playing badminton, but that doesn’t mean that I’m quitting playing badminton for good. i might play again, but I’m sure it will not be too often.  For those who enjoy reading my blogposts on playing badminton, I hope you will never be tired of reading them again; and for those (if there’s any laaa…but I’m hoping not!) who are somewhat hurt or annoyed by what I said in there….please, accept my apology. I was just being silly.

Thank you buat kawan-kawan (gengsi) yang menjadi elemen dalam kisah berbementen tu…
mr. Ridz, mr. Azizi, mr. Pet, mr.Hamdan, mr. Payakon, mr.WK, mr. Awie,
miss Sarida, miss Syam, kakak Ross….dan paling istimewa
MIZZ RINDA *(title juara kita belum lagi dirampas oleh Awie and Kakak Ross kannnnnnn)
and for those following the story via facebook.
Jadi, inilah dia penutup bagi siri 
Kisah Berbadminton Di SK Nanga Kain”.

“Eh, berhenti blogging kerrrrr?”
“sorry…I dah habis cerita berbementen jerrr….
sekarang, I nak cerita hal lainlah pulak, nyahhhhhhh!!!!!!” 

hehehe…tak pasal-pasal orang lain jadi nyah….

So, on the next blogpost, everything will be back to normal….err, abnormal.

*walaupun kami berdua Linda pernah kalah berbementen menentang Mizz Syam and Kak Idot, namun, secara teknikalnya, kejuaraan Mizz Linda and I masih lagi kekal, sebab kami berdua tidak akan menentang Awie dan Kakak Ross. Kekalahan dengan Miss Syam and Kak Idot tidak dikira! Hahahaha……So, title champion tu masih dipegang oleh kami berdua. Sekian, terima kasih....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

cerita super-basi.....badminton lagi dan kesan akibat bersikap riak dan over-konfiden!

adohaiiiii....panjang gilaaaa tajuk tuuu!

so, semalam i dengan penoh kerek dan riak dan sombong; mencabar Kak Idot kita untuk perlawanan badminton, dua lawan satu lagi tuuu....penuh keyakinan sangat kan.... jemputan (lebih kepada mencabar sebenarnya....) dibuat melalui facebook leee....

so, pada pukul lima petang, i pun mula lah mengorak langkah ala-ala scene Elle Driver dari film Kill Bill, bersedia nak membunuh orang tuh; but instead of carrying an umbrella, i carried a bag full of badminton racquets...(apa kaitan cerita nih?). okey, pusing balik kat cerita i tadi. Kak Idot belum lagi bersedia nak berbementen, so i pun mula lah dengan kerek nya mencabar tiga orang jejaka terhangat di pasaran untuk bermain badminton ngan i. jejaka-jejaka tersebut adalah Pet, Azizi and Awie. tapi, ada satu syarat yang i kenakan (very the diva sangat kan perangai i nih...), Azizi tak boleh satu team ngan Pet, dan pukulan smash DIHARAMKAN sama sekali! so, i berbadminton lah tiga set dengan tiga orang nih. keputusannya adalah, team AZIZI&MTZ (1) vs. PET&AWIE (2). my team kalah gitewww.....hehehe, tersipu-sipu malu i. 

kemudian, datanglah si HAMDAN menggantikan AZIZI. canteekkkkk...Medan pun pakai baju merah sama kaler ngan i, so, nama team kitaorang adalah errr...Team Baju Merah. perlawanan cuma dua set jerrr...PET&AWIE masih lagi mendominasi perlawanan, diaorang menang lagik! Adoi....

okay....tukar team mate, sekarang HAMDAN&PET menentang AWIE&MTZ. perlawanan tambah dua set lagi. haaaa....jaga-jaga lah korang! AWIE is now on my side! Yakin diri (juga dikenali sebagai kekonfidenan!)  sangat i yang kekalahan i tadi akan ditebus dengan adanya Awie. 


KALAH jugakkkk! well, it was my fault as well. terkenjet-kenjet masa main badminton! keputusannya adalah: HAMDAN&PET menang kedua-dua set. hmmmm.....

Hamdan: Eh, dah berapa round dah ko main Hid? 
MTZ : Entah(semput nafas), baru enam kot?(semput lagi...)

Akhirnya, orang yang ditunggu-tunggu datang jugak. Mengumumkan ketibaan Yang Berbahagia  Datuk Sarida Mohamed, bla, bla, gelanggang badminton. okey...nampak gayanya, Kak Idot akan berpartner ngan Medan, dan i pulak berpartner ngan Miss RGM. Awie jadi reff....

Kak Idot: Cikgu Tohit jangan lupa, siapa kalah kena masak....
Kak Idot: Ye lah....memang Cikgu Tohit akan masak laaaa.....
MTZ: Alaaa.....i tak akan masak laaa.....sebab yakin menang nih!
Medan: Dah masak benar ku ngan perangey duak ekor tuk! hehehe...
RGM: Can we start now?
MTZ : amboiiii...sik sabar gitewwww....

Perlawanan sebanyak tiga set itu berjaya dilaksanakan. Keputusan perlawanan itu i akan umumkan dalam blogpost yang akan datang yeee......

just kidding! KAK IDOT&HAMDAN menang (2) vs. RGM&MTZ (1). 

akaiiiii.......memasak lah aku. 

moral nya disini: jangan riak, sombong dan over konfiden kalau bermain badminton; pesanan buat diri sendiri. 

RGM: Eh, dah berapa round kau main badminton? 
MTZ: Lapan round lah pompuan....
Awie: Sepuluh.....cikgu Tohit main sepuluh round. tiga round partner Azizi, dua round partner Medan, dua round partner saya, tiga round partner Cikgu Fina. Sepuluh....
RGM: apuuuuu....
MTZ: akai...parai meh aku tuk lagik! (mati la aku ni nanti!)

hehehe...sesaje je nak letak sketsa yang akhir tu, nak bagitau yang i main sepuluh round tanpa henti! 
KO BOLEHHHHHHHH? (kes riak lagi...memang tak insaf punya orang!)

(off-record: tertidor awal malam tadi, selepas dinner, telan pain killer sebijik sebab sakit bahu+lengan, baring kat sofa...dan akhirnya...tak sedar kroohhhh sampai pagi kat ruang tamu)

Friday, July 8, 2011

kisah berbadminton yang macam dah basi!

well, kalau y’all sentiasa mengikuti cerita tentang main badminton kat skool I nih, I’m here to inform you guys that i’m still holding on to the championship title. (haduii…perasan sangat dah kisah I ni kan?)

first, Linda and I haven’t paired –up for a rematch against Kakak Ross and Awie. So, that means we haven’t actually competed against each other.

But, let me share this latest news, I did play badminton again yesterday. Yap…I played against Kakak Ross and Awie, but I didn’t paired- up with Linda; this time I invited one of the best sportsman in our school; ladies and gentlemen…put your hands together for Mr.Ridzuan a.k.a. Ridz. 

Ehem…Kakak Ross and Awie lost the match, yet again. Nak buat macam mana ye tak….Mr. Misai and Ross boleh kalah lagi, walaupun I dah tukar partner main badminton.

Okay…..dah habis dah dengan cerita konfiden dan klise I nih. Boring jugak kan? Macam laaaa I yang gemuk dan kaki bangku ni hebat sangat bersport. HAHAHA…, salah, mesti ketawa dengan penuh keayuan sikit…… merendah diri giteewwww…hik hik hik…..

Okay, ini dia cerita utama yang I nak kongsikan. Kakak Ross dan Mr. Awie menentang pulak pasukan Linda dan…jeng jeng jeng…Mr. WK.  I jadi vampire…oops, umpire, untuk perlawanan diaorang. Memang dasat la diaorang Awie and WK ni main badminton, berdesup-desup ! ngeri giteewwww pulak I nengok diaorang ni berbadminton! si Linda dan Kakak Ross pulak dah macam hanfon low-battery terlompat-lompat mengejar! HAHAHA…eh, salah lagi…. hik…hik…hik… 

Apa-apa pun, macam yang I kata tadi, diaorang ni berhempas-pulas nak menang, sampailah Kakak Ross surrender kecape’an! Kesian….

Kakak Ross : Semakin lemah dah I nyah…..macamana nak menang? I dah letih….
MTZ : wehh….kalau letih pun tak payahlah disebut, nanti badan akan cepat letih.
Kakak Ross : bah….memang aku letih dah apa….
MTZ : ye laaa…. dah kau sebut, mana tak badan kau terpengaruh sekali.

Keputusan akhir perlawanan diaorang, Linda&WK menang dua set berbanding Ross&Awie satu set. 

Kemudian, I pulak cuba lawan WK and Linda, I berpartner pulak ngan Kakak Ross. This time, I ganti Awie. Dia jadi umpire. Hik..hik..hik… kumpulan I kalah pulak. See, I told you, I bukan lah hebat sangat main badminton, kan…….

Note: I just had to say this, I’m not trying to be modest, it was just that I don’t want to rosakkan reket orang yang mahal tu…I’ll just wait for my own racquet to be ready. Then, I can play using my own racquet, sampai patah pun I tak kisah…because it will be my own. But, until then; baik lagi I guna je reket jenama Yang Yang tu…reket bajet. HAHAHAHA….oops, hik…hik…hik….

Ooopsss…. had to say thanks to these people for the great time playing badminton.
Mr. Awie, 
Mr. WK, 
Mr. Ridz, 
Kakak Ross 
Mizz Linda. 


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