Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay, I’m not going to comment separately on these two new videos I created; plus, I haven’t uploaded the videos onto youtube. So, for the time being, just feast your eyes on the screen captures and picture grid that I made, especially for you guys.

This First Video
These two screen-captures were taken from the opening montage of my latest Teachers’ Day video. I can’t share too, much but let me share with you this info, the montage opens with a bit of a blooper. I had a great laugh when I saw it repeatedly.  

This Second Video

Well, this picture grid shows you just a few scenes from the video itself. Take a closer look; and you will find that in the video, there’s not a single person shown in them.  The main element in the video is the rain. I’m keeping it simple in this video; there’s no split screen technique, no time-reverse, no humans, just the rain. O my God, I can’t wait to share this video with you guys.  I’m not going into too much details, it’ll spoil the excitement. 

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