Friday, April 29, 2011

sketches, and the broken promise!


I should re-phrase everything that I said in my previous blogpost for APRIL. I said I wasn’t going to publish another blogpost for APRIL right? Well, I broke my promise, again. Here’s a new blogpost for this month.

What made me changed my mind was this cute little small petite yummy notebook that I have.

I just love writing in this book.

I would like to name this latest entry as blogdraft and sketches, and the broken promise!

Blogdraft #1
Just another thought. What should I start with this notebook that I have right now?
                The header of this note was ‘blogdraft’. But then, berani pulak nak tulis kat dalam buku ni. Usually, I draft my blogposts on my laptop. But I guess, just to give this book a good start, I better write something, otherwise this book will be just like any other notebook that I have; pilling up and collecting dust. 

Blogdraft #2

Brr.......sejoknyeee.....bangun pagi tadi macam bangun dalam peti sejuk. 

it rained the whole night. tapi bukan hujan lebat laa...kalau hujan lebat dah banjir dah skool. mintak2 jangan lah banjir, b'coz this is the exam week. berat hati nak postpone exam, sebab letih wooo nak buat analisis macam-macam. 

Anyway, i just hope that it would still rain today, or tomorrow, b'coz; well...i just love the feel and the calm kmood that the rain bring. under on condition, just don't rain too much! hehehehe...

hmmm...teringat pulak i pernah sebut: 

"bunyi hujan dan guruh adalah muzik, they're the sky symphony!"'s still cold though!

blogdraft #3

      i mean.....
warm coffee....

blogdraft #4

o my God!

yummy! mr. WK has done it again!

for brunch this morning, we had the most delicious meal ever. mr. WK had prepared some nasi lemak...and let me tell you, it was mind-blowingly great! the nasi lemak was, me, is the best so far. the sambal wasn't that spicy, and the rice was 'o my God', very best lah!

mr. WK's nasi lemak super!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Atas permintaan seorang follower blog i nih, i sertakan beberapa versi BM untuk isi blog i yg lebih mesra pengguna, here it is, blogpost yang sama, cuma telah di"edit". still, the English language version is here for the convenience of the international readers. hehehehe.... 

A veryyyy long blogpost!

Lama dah tak mengisi post yang terkini kat dalam blog I nih. Bukan kerana apa, I sibuk sangat bekerja di kawasan pedalaman yang tiada capaian internet ni, tambah lagi, I malas nak keluar ke pekan Kapit. Masa I cuba menghasilkan draf untuk blogpost ini pun, banyak tugasan lain yang perlu dipersiapkan. Cuba you all sendiri ingat, pernah tak masa you all dulu buat kerja lebih dari satu pada masa yang sama?  Hehehe….
Baiklah, ini lah dia, satu-satunya blogpost I untuk bulan April nih. Tapi, jgn tergezut, blogpost ni panjang gila giteww.

Apa tunggu lagi, dipersilakan membaca. Hehehehe

I haven’t been able to post something in this blog for quite some time lately. Mind you, I was busy working up river where there’s no internet coverage, plus; I was feeling a bit lazy to go out to Kapit town (where there’s surely be a moderately speedy internet coverage!). it would take me a dizzying brainstorming session before I was able to come up with the decision of going out to town. At the moment that I am writing (oops..typing!) this blogpost, I got my hands full of delayed tasks that I need to handle. So, spare me the excuse, I’m sure any one of you must have had the experience of doing more than two tasks at one time. Hehehehe….

Well, this will be my only blogpost for this month, and this will be a long one! but, I’m sure, you guys must have read some of my longer blogpost.

So, what are you waiting for? C’mon in and read…hehehe, we both knew you wanted to!

Title : Haven’t I told you that I’ll be making more HD videos?

Now, before I ask you to watch this video, I have a something to share with you.

                I shot this video using my PANASONIC HM-TA1 Full HD mini-camera. To me, this video camera is by far, my personal favourite at the moment. It is small and cute, and at first glance it might look like a common camera-phone. Looks can be deceiving, and because of that, I managed to shot this video. The people featured in this video didn’t mind to be recorded, maybe because they thought I was actually text-messaging. Little that they know, they were being recorded. Hahaha…
                This video is also my first attempt at creating a ‘one shot” video; and also my second attempt at reversed video technique. I have been trying to capture a “one-shot-worthy moments” to be made into a video. Few have been made, but on the 15th March 2011, my wish came true. As I was on my way to Sarikei town, I saw these two lovely grannies chit-chatting (in Chinese) on the bus. The journey to Sarikei town actually took 45 minutes, and maybe because of that, the grannies fell asleep halfway to town. At that very moment, the song that was playing on my mp3 was Crosstown Traffic by White Shoes And The Couples Company. Thank God…. I was inspired at that spur-o-the moment.
                Pity, the video wasn’t at its best quality yet. At some time, the video was a bit rocky, but please, it was a handheld video camera, plus, the bus was moving quite fast. But, interestingly still, the two old grannies enjoyed their trip on the bus; that they slept all the way to town.
                So, everyone, here it is, I bring to you, my latest video project, featuring three complete strangers. I dubbed this video; “The Sleeping Poh-Pohs”.

Disclaimer: The video contains the audio track CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC by White Shoes & The Couples Company. The video was made with the purest intention and wasn't meant to violate the copyright ownership of the song. The video was made solely for entertainment purposes, and I will not benefit from it financially. This video was not the official video for the song. I own the copyright ownership of the stock footage and still images, and White Shoes & The Couples Company owns the copyright ownership for the song. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the band for their understanding on the above matter. Thanks.

Title : Fun with the kids….

I hereby declare that this video was my best creation to date. I had a great time recording the video with 17 of my students, and the students get to be silly for almost an hour. Recording scenes after scenes, and then processing the video for about seven hours (the whole video was completed at 2.30 in the morning!), the video was finally premiered during our school’s official launching of MaCS programme. As the title above shows, I call this video “Fun With the Kids”.  And now, here it is, I present to you….

Disclaimer: The video contains the audio track ABC by PEPPERTONES featuring ARINA (MOCCA). The video was made with the purest intention and wasn't meant to violate the copyright ownership of the song. The video was made solely for entertainment purposes, and I will not benefit from it financially. This video is not the official video for the song. I own the copyright ownership of the stock footage and still images, and PEPPERTONES owns the copyright ownership for the song. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the artists for their understanding on the above matter. Thanks.

The last scene, made into the introduction of the students!

running up!

bunny-hopping around the pre-school building

running again, up and down the main stairway!

A video by : mohd tauhhid zawawi

Models : Girls; Ayu Janin, Sofia Julin, Jagriena Shirla, Diana Ketok, Mary Kunga, Enja Sana, Doris Lengang, Vitheres Sambai, Boys; Sunjay Tol, Sebry Tomas, Jeno Rino, Samuel Gun, Dannelson David, Jeffson Robert, Ericsson Boy, Dickson Kanyan, Roland Dolah

Shot entirely on location at SK Nanga Kain, Kapit.
Video stills by mohd tauhhid zawawi

Song : ABC
Artist: Peppertones feat. Arina (MOCCA)

A personal thanks goes out to my two housemates for bullying me during the process of editing the video! Hehehehe….

Title : a short note on a warm, quiet Sunday

 Hehe, inilah rupa tempat tinggal I di skool. Tengok, siap ada bunga-bunga gitew. Sudut ni merupakan sudut biasa I untuk buat kerja, tapi lebih kerap dijadikan tempat letak barang2 I bila balik dari mengajar. Biasa nya, meja kecik tu akan lebih bersepah dengan bermacam2 buku. Bukan setakat buku je u all…. Gejets pun ada, set2 pensel warna entah berapa kotak, bahan2 seni lukis, kamus Oxford, rokok…oopps, bukan kepunyaan I, housemate I punya tawwwww.

Here’s a picture that I took last Sunday (10/4/2011).  As the title stated, it actually was a warm and quiet Sunday.

At the time the picture was taken, I was still busy planning the activities for my school’s English Language Week. Psstt…actually, I was busy with the secretarial work too, typing, editing, planning, and drafting... haiyaaa! Luckily, I got some help from a few people! Thanks to my boss (Miss Nornasyiha, the Chairperson of SK Ng. Kain’s English Language Committee), Kak Jessnita, Rinda n Kakak Hoss, and of course, to my housemates mr. WK and mr.Awie (the two bullies whom gladly offered me their help..hehehe).

Eh….what am I blabbering about here? I should be telling you about the picture above, wasn’t I?

Okay, here’s something about the picture….it was taken on a Sunday, and it was a warm and quiet morning. As you can see from the picture, my house is quite messy! Look at the shoes and sandals by the door, they weren’t arranged properly on the shoe rack. Then look at my work table, scattered with my electronic gadgets, my painting and stationeries. There’s also a bouquet of plastic flowers by the table. Oops, if you look closely, you can see a pack of cigarette on the table as well, which wasn’t mine! It belongs to one of my housemate! That’s about it! Hehehehe…..

I don’t think I will show you my bedroom….that’d be just too much to share.

Title : SKNK ELW 2011   


All the sleepless nights, hours of brainstorming, aching back (due to bad sitting posture), cups after cups of caffeine, sore eyes (this one was due to typing in the dark), countless numbers of wasted papers, bee stings (I’m not going into detail about this!), late dinners, constant yelling and screaming, pleading and begging for assistance (from the bullies, of course!), swollen fingers (due to typing as well), and waking up late in the morning…..have finally paid off!


Haiyaaa….it was a very tiring week, but Alhamdulillah (praise be to God!), everything went smoothly as planned.

The ELW 2011 (short for SK NANGA KAIN’s ENGLISH LANGUAGE WEEK 2011) began on 11th April 2011 with the launching ceremony officiated by our Headmaster; Mr. Payakon,a children song choir trained by Ms. Nornasyiha; and performed by the Year 6’s students…and a short multimedia show by yours truly…moi! Hhehehehehe……

sebelum majlis pelancaran.....

my bosses, the guy is my Headmaster,
 the gal is my committee's chairperson

getting ready for choir!
There were quizzes….

photos courtesy of mr. ridzuan ( thanx riz...)

 Leisure reading.....

Fun and games…..

eh...boss panitia i pun ada juga,
dia yang jadi DJ masa Musical Chair

A FOODIE’S TAKE ON…..something repulsive, but surprisingly yummy!

Well, actually, it wasn’t that repulsive. To some people, the durian fruit might be the foulest smelling fruit in the world, but for most people in Asia (Malaysia’s included), durian is the most sought after fruit during the peak of its season.

But, there are few Malaysians who don’t like this fruit, and unfortunately one of them happens to be me! I found this fruit to be somewhat weird…it has a weird smell, and it has a taste that resembles of undercooked custard pudding!

That is until one day, my housemate (Mr. WK) prepared this dish, PULUT DURIAN (durian cooked in coconut milk and served with gluttonous rice). I got the chance to learn how to prepare this dish and get to eat just a little bit of it. I was a bit hesitant at first, but once I got half a spoonful of this, I turned silent. OMG! It was great! But, being typical me, I declined for a second helping.

Still, I have to say, it did taste great!

And the final part of this veryyyyyyyyyyyy long blogpost….

Our school had a welcoming party for four new faces and a newly wedded couple. Eh, macam nama band musisi lah pulak.. “Four New Faces & A Newly Wedded Couple”, hehehe.

Oops…for this one, I’ll be switching back and forth from English Language to Bahasa Malaysia.

Again, I’m the emcee, and I was also in charge of waitressing. Huwaaaa…jadi waiter lah pulak! I got some pictures to show you…and there’ll be some caption for them. To my fellow colleagues, jangan marraa…..i gurau-gurau manje2 gitewwww……

Here’s Ms. Norsham with the new dude, Mr. Azizi…

The emcee. hmm…dah insaf, berambut pendek gitewwwww…..
(insaf apa kalau masih guna perkataan “gitewwww”?)

Ms….oops, Madam Norhaniza accepting a gift from the Headmaster.

Mr. WK sedang berduet ngan Azizi….

I sibuk nak enter frem…bgambar ngan Ustaz(?) Awie n Jess.  ;-)
Ehemm…ehemmm….rasa gatal pulak kerongkong i……

Sesi memanggang manok(ayam leee…)
Mr WK, Mr. Medan dan dgn pengantin baru, Mr. Ridz!

Ini lah mem besar cikgu Hamdan, orang baru di SKNK!

Alahai…Super Blurrina lah pulak gambar ni!
Berbaju oren, GB baru, Mr. Payakon.

Ms. Rita, orang baru kat skool ni jugak…
Oops, bukan yg berambut pendek itewwww!

Hah…si Rock Kapak mendedikasikan lagu buat isterinya….
lagu apa? “Madah Berhelah” Ziana Zain!
kelezzzzz gitewwww!

Some of the photos are courtesy of Mr. Ridzuan.

So, there you have it, my longest blogpost ever!

Actually, I have loads more to share with you guys, but I guess, until that time, I just keep them to myself. InsyaAllah, I will share them with you.

Hehehe…guess what, I just realized that we’re in APRIL, the fool’s month! It feels different now that I’m doing this very long blogpost instead of the usual dozens of blog per month. One great story is better than dozens of dull stories (I hope!).

I just have to thank one person in particular….for the time that I’m typing the closure for this blogpost, I was truly inspired by what she said, and I quote:

“setiap manusia punyai keistimewaan tersendiri, terpulang kepada diri sendiri untuk menghidupkan keistimewaan masing-masing.”

“Everyone has something special in them; it’s up to them to bring that specialness to life”


Thanks kak maya,
and also to my friends and colleagues of SK NG KAIN,
but most of all
thanks to my cute, warm and handsome……..teddy bear!

See you in May! I’m getting ready for my presents, because I’ll be celebrating my birthday next month, 26 years old, ooops…26 years young!

Actually, I’m not expecting any birthday gifts, just a simple smile; or handshake; or a hug (amboiiiii…); or an air kiss on the cheek (amboiii amboi….) will do just fine. Hehehe….

and I’m out! see y’all soon!


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