Friday, April 29, 2011

sketches, and the broken promise!


I should re-phrase everything that I said in my previous blogpost for APRIL. I said I wasn’t going to publish another blogpost for APRIL right? Well, I broke my promise, again. Here’s a new blogpost for this month.

What made me changed my mind was this cute little small petite yummy notebook that I have.

I just love writing in this book.

I would like to name this latest entry as blogdraft and sketches, and the broken promise!

Blogdraft #1
Just another thought. What should I start with this notebook that I have right now?
                The header of this note was ‘blogdraft’. But then, berani pulak nak tulis kat dalam buku ni. Usually, I draft my blogposts on my laptop. But I guess, just to give this book a good start, I better write something, otherwise this book will be just like any other notebook that I have; pilling up and collecting dust. 

Blogdraft #2

Brr.......sejoknyeee.....bangun pagi tadi macam bangun dalam peti sejuk. 

it rained the whole night. tapi bukan hujan lebat laa...kalau hujan lebat dah banjir dah skool. mintak2 jangan lah banjir, b'coz this is the exam week. berat hati nak postpone exam, sebab letih wooo nak buat analisis macam-macam. 

Anyway, i just hope that it would still rain today, or tomorrow, b'coz; well...i just love the feel and the calm kmood that the rain bring. under on condition, just don't rain too much! hehehehe...

hmmm...teringat pulak i pernah sebut: 

"bunyi hujan dan guruh adalah muzik, they're the sky symphony!"'s still cold though!

blogdraft #3

      i mean.....
warm coffee....

blogdraft #4

o my God!

yummy! mr. WK has done it again!

for brunch this morning, we had the most delicious meal ever. mr. WK had prepared some nasi lemak...and let me tell you, it was mind-blowingly great! the nasi lemak was, me, is the best so far. the sambal wasn't that spicy, and the rice was 'o my God', very best lah!

mr. WK's nasi lemak super!

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