Sunday, May 31, 2009


masa cuti macam ni boring pulak rasanya kan? that's why i seringkali lepak at just now, i replied to a post put up by Bro' IBNU HISYAM, on songs from the nineties. suddenly, i got the idea of making a countdown of the 10 most beautiful singers;or looking beautiful in their vid, at least; and this is what i came up with. just to keep this post short and simple, i could only include the number 1. but, i give you the list as well.

10. Belinda Carlisle
9. Shanice
8. Geri Halliwell
7. Shirley Manson
6. Cher
5. Annie Lennox
4. Bjork
3. Lisa Stansfield
2. Mariah Carey
1. Leigh Nash

Enjoy the video!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

cikgu yang macam mana?

tanyakan pada diri sendiri....and keep the answer to yourself. this pict is courtesy of MR. IBNU HISYAM IBRAHIM from SK Kg. Tanam, an active member of a portal for teachers. again, THANKS BRO....

image by Ibnu Hisyam Ibrahim (2009)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

white shoes & the couples company

i'm going to take this chance to put on this video on my blogspot today. the speed today is quite good, so uploading video is a breeze. here's my favourite Indonesian band. hmm...nampak kan, what type of music do i like? these guys are great, they dress up retro, sounds retro, but jazzy and cool. best musik nya. well, it's just me i suppose, liking musik that other people may not like. well, u might be surprised baby. so, enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Björk - Who Is It

here's another video. this one is from Bjork. i like her music very much, and i love the way she sings. great outfit! Enjoy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...! but for whom?

let's start....
May is the month of getting older for a few of us here in SK Nanga Kain. First it was Zairy, he is now 26 years old (rasanya takkan menjadi lebih tinggi lagi la..), then Miss Haniza, she is now 28 y.o.(kitaorang dah nyanyi Happy Birthday kat rumah dia haritu), then it was Mr. Awie, he is now 29 years old, and he's still single y'all! hehehe...iklan myself sekejap, i pun celebrate birthday jugak, today! Sama haribulan ngan Awie except tak sama tahun. i am now 25 y.o. ( "ooi..tipu umur! kes tak nak mengaku dah tua lah tu...!" kata Jess.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Best Love Song Ever

before i go balik to school today, i found this great quality video form youtube. this is Sade (disebut Sha Dei...ala, macam sebut sate tu..)and this is By Your Side. The lyrics is very touching, and the video is geat too. Sade melakonkan watak sebagai The Light Collector, and she dresses as a gypsy. Cantik sangat. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY...(belated actually...)

nak po hai....? wak no hal....? nama hal wai...? what's the matter?

hehehe....terlambat nak letak greeting Teachers' Day kat sini. So, here the story goes. our school had the Teachers' Day celebration. for the last two weeks before the celebration, very busy lah the school with choir practice, decor planning, the committee....aduhh...very the tired u see. plus, within that two weeks, we had our Bahasa Malaysia and English Language Week. my goodness, very the packed lah. but, alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly as planned. spare some time at the video bar here and u can see what a great time we had. so, 


( eh, i'm a teacher too...syukur..)

Images by Desmond and Friends Imagereal™

Monday, May 4, 2009

one more.......

here's another one...and i'm off to Bedfordshire (nak tido le...)

siri hujan

biar hujan belum lagi hilang rintikannya
kusambut hadirnya hujan ini
dan dalam hati ini kupanjatkan kesyukuran
tidak terbanding dengan rahmatMu
yang berlimpahan

hujan ini membawa bersama kenangan
yang membasahi jiwa
ada bunyi tawa di sebalik bunyi meriah
titikan – titikan hujan yang berjuta

tidurlah nyenyak wahai kekasihku
hujan ini mengundang kenangan indah
lenamu aman dalam jagaan kedua
orang tua dan senyum kasih Yang Maha Esa

tertunggu – tunggu dalam gerimis
menanti hadirmu
di mana akan ku tunggu lagi, kalau bukan disini
hujan ini lebih setia
menyentuh kulitku dan terus meresap ke tangkai hati

biar air mata dan laut fikir ku kering
hujan ini dapat membasahi dan melahirkan ilham
dalam detik yang seketika

hujan jatuh langsung ke hatiku
menjadi lagu yang dingin melenakan
hatiku yang terbakar resah
hujan jatuh langsung ke tangkai rindu
menjadi kabus yang menelan memori semalam
ku menantinya dalam hujan

(i) originally titled “menjadi limpahan rahmat” dated 11th april 2002
(ii), (iii), (iv), (v) & (vi) untitled, date unknown
painting : "storm" by Tauhhid

Sunday, May 3, 2009

just want to share

here's a short poem that i wrote a few months ago. it was written in Bahasa Malaysia. I'm not going to say that my poem is good, i'm going to say a schoolchild's poem is much better. by the way, it's untitled. i can't think of any suitable title for it.

tiba – tiba angin mula
menambah laju

seronok rasanya
bila rambut dibusar angin

abang cepat – cepat naik
ke rumah ambil layang – layang

emak dan nenek bawa bakul
kumpul baju dari jemuran

aku dan adik ketawa riang
mengutip bunga – bunga kertas
yang luruh ditiup angin

31 ogos 2008

Saturday, May 2, 2009

makan2...nyanyi2... stress no more!

as you can see here, 
my school had a small 
"get together" party last week. 
everybody had a great time. 

i'm in charge of decorations and props. 
but i did more than that. 
i took videos and photos too. 

Miss Laura was in-charge of the menu, 
the new teachers were in-charge 
of beef rendang and chicken pansoh; 
and the rest were in-charge 
of audio-video system. 

Jess was the party planner...
hehehe..kesian dia. 
lucky thing he's the school counselor, 
kalau tak stress lah dia. 

everything went according to plan, 
and everyone was happy. 
oopss...we did karaoke too, 
and; suprise! surprise! 
i disuruh menyanyi jugak. 
actually keberatan lah nak nyanyi 
bcoz i have a horrible singing voice. 
but since dipaksa by the Guru Besar, 
i had to. 

i will upload the videos in, 
but not the one where i was singing. 
jangan mimpi la i nak letak video i nanyi kat youtube. 

Image (1/2/3/4) by Tauhhid
Image (5) by Zairy
Copyright : mamarock™ (2009)

Friday, May 1, 2009

13 going on 30...and 30...and 30... and 30....

it's that time of the year again. i'm getting older each year. i'm not going to say how old, it's one of those questions that some people might call taboo. ok, it is great to be in the thirties, but for me, the numbers should stop at 30. not necessarily means dead, but, just stop adding numbers to 30. well, happy birthday to me, whatever number will it be. hehehehe


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