Sunday, June 19, 2011

boring Sunday!

it's a Sunday.....

my favourite day of the week; for being BORING!

things that i usually do on this boring day: 

  1. telly time, only when there's something good on TV then; 
  2. cook, hmm....the same stuff again...and again...and again.....and again......
  3. go around, talk with the kids, and then getting bored being asked the same questions 
  4. do fun at all! tapi, kalau tak buat laundry, nak pakai apa pulak kan? berBOG...kah?hehehe
  5. create another video?
  6. read a book? and then the book will end up reading me!
  7. sleep? 
  8. do sports? "right.."! konon sangat!

in the end, pergi bilik ICT, blogging je laa...tapi setakat ni, takde cerita sangat. 

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