Friday, January 21, 2011

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Your Favourite Colour Can Tell You A Lot About Your Personality
Read through the list below. Then, choose which personality best describes you. It might not be accurate, but still, it’s a fun way to know a little something about you according to your favourite colour. Enjoy…..

1.       Want to give impression of mystery; sophisticated, dignified and impressive; always wearing this colour indicates protest.

2.       Deliberation, introspection, conservatism, duty; like to be part of a group; good mixer, affectionate and faithful; loyal friends; sometimes inflexible beliefs, worrier.

3.       Solid, substantial, good worker; patient, conscientious, dutiful, dependable, responsible, not impulsive, obstinate in habits; don’t like change.

4.       Frank, community-minded, hopeful, a little moralistic; too self-effacing, modest and patient thus easily exploited; too much of this colour indicates high level of anxiety.

5.       Cautious, searches for composure and peace, dedicated; may turn away from worldly things but have business ability, works too hard; compromises.  

6.       Colour of luxury and pleasure; flamboyant and fun-loving; inclined to dramatized; generally good-natured and popular; curious, maybe superficial.

7.       Love and affection without passion; charming and gentle; a little indefinite; extreme fondness of this colour indicates desire for protection, special treatment and a sheltered life.

8.       For those who are or want to be out-going; vigorous and impulsive, determined and optimistic; not very objective or aware of shortcomings.

9.       Pure, innocent, na├»ve but lively and well-balanced personality; worn continuously suggests immaturity and idealism.

10.   Happy, wise, imaginative, mentally adventurous; good in business, intellectual, clear-thinker; can be rather stubborn and opinionated.  

Well, here’s the answer, and I hoped you match your personality-to-colour well.

1 black       2 blue                   3 brown      4 green       5 grey
6 orange     7 pink                   8 red                    9 white       10 yellow

                        A Resource Of Speaking Activities
                        By Adrian Wallwork

Published by The Press Syndicate of the University Of Cambridge
© Cambridge University Press 1997

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