Saturday, January 29, 2011

A FOODIE'S TAKE ON....the journey back to Kapit.'s almost Chinese New Year, 
but still i have to return early to Kapit; 
the reason because only some schools 
got their holiday early,! 
so, back to Kapit to teach on Monday and Tuesday.

okay, let's get back to business.

i think i never shared anything 
about the journey that i had to take 
from Sarikei to Kapit, right? 
well, now i'm going to share just a little....
let start with my journey today....

starting point - HOME, 
precisely Kampung Selalang, 
about 40 kilometers from Sarikei town.

Then, arrived in Sarikei;
and took another bus ride to Sibu.
in the bus...bla..bla..bla..
Sarikei municipal hall..bla..bla..bla..
one part of Sarikei....
another part of Sarikei...

Then, arrived in Sibu. 
a very busy city...
quite crowded today though. 
seems like everyone's 
doing their Chinese New Year shopping.

Next, the journey  to Kapit. 
There's no other way of going to Kapit from Sibu, 
just take an express boat ride, 
pay RM30, RM25 or RM20, sit back, 
and enjoy the view. 
unless you slept all the way to Kapit then.... 

as for me, 
I usually take the RM30 (1st class) seat, 
just to spoil myself, and the extra legroom, of course. 
on board movie...forget it, 
you might have watched the movie..
like hundreds of times already! 
in the express boat..bla..bla..bla..

oopsss..when am i getting to the food part?

well, just this afternoon, 
i had a great lunch with two of my friends, 
Mr.WK and Mr. Awie. 
we had the famous MEE KOLOK. 

mee kolok (or some might spell it mee golok, mee kolo, kolo mien) is originally a Chinese style dish, but nowadays, mee kolok is enjoying a reputation of being Halal at some Malay food court. mee kolok usually served with some pieces of chicken, beef or tripe. depending on one's preference; ground pepper, chilli in vinegar, sweet or salty soy sauce maybe added. but, i usually just have it as it is.

hehehe...Mr. WK and Mr. Awie are quoted for saying mee kolok tasted like some kind of instant noodles. chehhh....! sorry, i'm not posting their pictures here (although..yes, i took their photo). hmm...or am i..?

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