Friday, January 7, 2011

..and the world smiles with you!

Smile….if you truly want to achieve maximum effectiveness when you use a person’s name and say “please” and thank you“, you SMILE. It requires no effort and is easier than frowning, as almost everyone knows.
Smiling is like placing extra garnish on a plate, the extra pat on the back when a job has been done well, or the extra hug that says “I really love you.” IT’S THE FROSTING ON THE CAKE.

A smile communicates three things:
  1. You are a person who knows the ultimate of hospitality and graciousness.
  2. You have that extra polish or panache that marks you as a cultured person.
  3. You feel good about yourself and want others to feel good about themselves.

A smile is the most effective way to create a positive climate, to disarm an angry person, and to convey the message “Do not be afraid of me; I am here to help you.”

A smile is a universal language of understanding, peace and harmony. If indeed, we want the next generation to have a world of peace and understanding, we need to teach its sign, a smile.

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