Saturday, December 11, 2010

the second time.....

a year ago, i posted a text on my blog which i copied from a blog i'm following. the text was written in Bahasa Malaysia. after a year, once again i was permitted to post the same text again, but this time in English. uncountable thanks goes out to the owner of the original text for allowing me to feature it here.

thanks, Niena Rizal. 

I want to share a story. It was both a sad and a touching story. 

Yesterday, I went to a funeral of a member of a family whom I knew quite well. The family lost a son who was beloved by the whole family. But, the only thing was that the deceased was a drug addict and had contracted HIV. Such pity, .. he was a good man, but then became a victim of his own actions. 

Throughout his life, he never caused much trouble to his family. But often his family became the target of his neighbours. Whenever there was theft in the village, he would be accused. He then moved out of the village, sparing his family of greater shame. His parents never knew of his whereabouts. 

But a year ago he returned home. During the two months he was at home, he never came out. So his family became suspicious. Finally, he told his family that he was sick. He didn’t want the neighbours to find out. He didn’t want to humiliate his parents anymore. 

One day, he told his family that he’s dying. By then, his family knew that he was infected with HIV. But his family was very understanding. His parents took care of him, feeding him and even helping him going to the toilet. Thank God, before he became seriously ill, his father taught him how to do the prayers. 

He was bedridden during his last six months. Then one night, a night before his 28th birthday, he whispered to his mother saying it was time for him to die. His mother calmly prayed for her son’s repentance accepted by Allah. Early that morning, he passed away. His body was taken to the hospital to be properly handled by the medical staffs. His body was taken back home around the afternoon. He was buried after Zuhr prayer. At that time, the weather was very hot and sunny. As the body was placed in the grave, the sunny sky suddenly rained, as if mourning over his death. 

The moral of this true story; REPENT, insya’Allah (God willing) your repentance will be accepted by Allah. And ask for forgiveness from your parents while they are still alive. The holy prophet Muhamad (peace be upon him) once said, Jannah (paradise/heaven) is at a mother’s sole.

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