Monday, December 6, 2010

funny part 1...with opening notes. guys have got to see this. i saw these posters in a clinic, and i thought wouldn't it be nice to include these posters in my blog. so, i took some pictures of the posters and edited them so it would look even nicer in my blog. for the convenience of the international visitors, i included the translation for each of the posters.

the posters put on a lighter tone on the subject of HIV and AIDS.

the posters belonged to the Ministry Of Health, Malaysia and protected under the copyrights laws.

Chinese man: Boss, you don't have to worry.  The chickens are good.
There are white ones, and some yellow ones. Just take your pick.

Man: Gulp! Is he a pimp?

Chinese man: Haa...which one do you like? I will cut it up for you.

Man: Ciss...he meant 'chicken'!

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