Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kuiz Kenegaraan Malaysia

tiba-tiba muncul!

quite busy lately
with work and the coming exam. 
now that the exam is over
and the mountains of works had lessen
it's time to start blogging again. 

amboiiisss...gtuww sangat spekking kann...

okay la uols...
i akan teruskan blogging 
guna bahasa campur campur
sekejap bahasa Malaysia standard
and then switch into english
and then non-formal bahasa Malaysia. 
so that no one would end up 
feeling like they're reading primary school textbook. 

so...beberapa minggu dulu 
sekolah i ada laaa mengadakan 
beberapa pertandingan bercorak akademik 
sempena sambutan Bulan Patriotisme
peringkat sekolah...sekali dengan sambutan 
bulan kemerdekaan gtuuuwww....

one of the activity was Kuiz Kenegaraan Malaysia
hats off to Mr Firdhauz as the brain-master of the quiz
as the quiz was his idea. 
all of the students took part in the quiz
and the quiz itself was a success. 

the questions were somewhat easy
so the winners had to be determined 
based on the short - very short - essay. 

macam-macam jawapan diberi nokkkk...
ada yang bagi jawapan yang entah-apa-apa
ada yang bagi jawapan betul
dan ada yang tak bagi jawapan terus. 

anyway...tahniah untuk Mr. Firdhauz 
for conducting such a meaningful quiz. 

photos by : mtz

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