Friday, February 11, 2011

lumpur di kakiku...(mud on my feet)

Hahaha…I took this picture last week. 
What happened was; 
I lost the pair of sandals I was wearing 
when I was trying to get into a boat. 
My left foot got stuck in the mud 
and I couldn’t pull it out 
without causing the other foot 
to stick in the mud as well.

Well, to me; the incident was funny, 
for it happened to me many times. 
I just couldn’t stop laughing 
until I got myself out of the mud 
and finally into the boat. 

There were other people 
who were watching and laughing at me, 
but none of them were laughing as hard as I was. 
Mine was spontaneous, unpretentious and genuine.
hehehe…and I think it was better for me 
to laugh at myself 
before others do.

As you can see, 
I was not wearing my sandals 
because they got stuck in the mud; 
and I could just simply say…
in ten billion years from now, someone (or something) 
might discover that pair of fossilized sandals 
and label them as 
“Mysterious Ancient Artifact”.

Hahaha…I just couldn’t stop smiling 
thinking about the incident. 

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  1. ish ish....nasiB x terbalik perahu tu mcm thn lepas hahah.....


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