Friday, February 4, 2011

A FOODIE'S TAKE ON...sugar in my drinks!

seriously, one of these days, i should get my blood-glucose checked. i'm kinda worried too you know, since i have a family history of diabetes. 

i just hope i'm not getting know, the big "D" word, i mean diabetes. right now, i'm free of any symptoms. touch wood!

well, for now, i could still enjoy my yummy foods and drinks. but on one note, drink lots of plain water, and avoid carbonated drinks. hmm, come to think of it, i once stopped taking carbonated drinks before, and i felt great at that time. so, i guess it's high time again that i lay off of those types of drinks. 

but what about simple juices and cordials? i think i might just have a glass of those once a day, you know... just to keep the brain running. a friend of mine told me...the brain's main fuel is sugar. too little, and it won't work as well as it should. but, too much of it, is also very bad! 

he told me, it's okay to enjoy sweet foods. the key point here was moderation. just go easy on the chocolate and sweets, and don't go wayyyyyyyyyyyy overboard. 

okay doc, point taken!

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  1. beware of tat '3 in 1' drinks... just enjoy all the food u take. the key word here is MODERATION....


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