Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sarikei - sugarcane juice

it's the semester's break...and now i'm taking my break in Sarikei. i have no plans of going for holidays. i think it would be better to spend my holiday at home. relaxing around, and if i ever get bored, i will go to Sarikei town. Hmm, Sarikei is a great town to live in, not too modern, and not too outdated...just nice. especially on Sundays, Sarikei would be busy. Last Sunday, i went to the open market in the Nyelong area.

 it was a hot day, to be frank, and there were lots of people, as the local Ibans were busy doing their last minute shopping before the Gawai festival. The hot climate, and the throngs of people, the noises and of course..the smell, could stir up the senses and somewhat made one dizzy.

but, when the thirst sets in, a cup of icy-cold sugarcane juice sure is good. i have a few pictures of Sarikei's Sunday market. i warmly welcome you to Sarikei, the pineapple town.

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