Monday, June 7, 2010

is this considered as a documentary?

so, here’s another one. So, just bare with me and just read along.
I have a few more things to say.

I made another clip, well two short clips, to be exact. But before I go on, I’d like to inform you, the short clips aren’t exclusively mine. A fellow colleague recorded the videos and I got the chance to edit, arrange and produce the whole video. But, pardon me for splitting the videos into two parts. This would make it easier for me to upload the whole thing onto 

a bit on the videos. The videos are a showcase of performances during the official closing ceremony of our school’s academics month.

Hehehe….well, I’m just going to mention about what I did. I selected two groups of students to perform a special tribute to The Carpenters. The students performed four songs by The Carpenters. But wait, they actually sang along to the original version of the songs by the Carpenters. They did “Love Is Surrender”, “Sing”, “Reason to Believe” and the recording of “Thank You For The Music” (an Abba song) performed live by the Carpenters. A billion thanks goes to Miss Nornasyiha for providing the choreography for some of the songs.

The student performers were from my English Language classes.

Thanks to miss Rufina Gregory Mied for sharing the videos. Miss Rufina is a frequent contributor for mamarock films™.  So, as you can see at the beginning of the video, RGM is actually an initial of her name. thanks again, FINA!

So now, enjoy. Hehehe…

thanks to these people for supporting the official closing ceremony of SK NANGA KAIN ACADEMICS' Month.

Headmaster:Mr. Kadum, 
PK1:Mr. Semang
PK HEM:Mdm. Laura
PK KK:Mr.Jesion

Ms. Sarida, Ms. Nornasyiha, Ms. Norhaniza, Ms. Norsham, Ms. Rufina, Mr. Ridzuan, Mr. Zawawi, Mr. Zairy, Mr. Wan Kamarol, staffs, and the students of SK Nanga Kain. 

The most violent thanks to Ms Rufina. 

sincerely: m tauhhid z

Disclaimer: Love Is Surrender, Sing, Reason To Believe and Thank You For The Music are copyright controlled. The usage of these songs are purely for entertainment purposes, and I HAVE NO FINANCIAL BENEFITS for using the songs. I wish to thank the original producer/s for their understanding. Again, thanks. 

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