Saturday, October 10, 2009

Remy Shand - Rocksteady

GOD BLESS for youtube! i was just typing and surfing around here and there with nothing particular in mind, when suddenly..."BAM!" i remembered this soul singer, REMY SHAND. tapi yang spoilnya pulak video Embedding Disabled By Request....huwaaaa! i really like this singer, suara macam Prince+Lenny Kravitz+Jay Kay(Jamiroquai). well, i think i just settle with the link above, so next time i just click and then i can watch the video on youtube. hmm..he looked kinda' like a friend of mine, with that jambang, misai kucing(whiskers?) and skinny looking like that. i'm not going to name, 'coz nya akan perasan lah pulak....hahaha.

eh, macam melampau lah letak GOD BLESS tadi kan?

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