Tuesday, October 13, 2009

colours to brighten up your gloomy days (dedicated to a friend who's troubled)

bro, other than praying to The Lord Almighty, we should try doing things that could cheer up our moods. i don't know what mood you're in right now, but you seemed to be somber. i read this book once about emotional distress displacement (pengalihan gangguan perasaan), and the author, a lady, wrote about her journey to India, France and Bali, looking for comfort and emotional support. i don't meant that you should go to these places just to find happiness, but she suggested of other ways of finding contemplation and peace. several ways were suggested, EAT, LOVE and PRAY. but there's one way sure enough, is to communicate among your peers, or better still your loved ones. but, i have an even better suggestion, pick up some colors and start painting/sketching. anyway, best of luck and best wishes to you.

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