Wednesday, November 28, 2012

jemput makan : NASI LEMAK

for the convenience of my international readers
the following blogpost will be in Bahasa Malaysia
and English Language.

nasi lemak.....atau dalam bahasa orrreng puteehhhh -
rice fat! hahahahaha....

no laaa...there's no such thing as 'rice fat'.
if 'nasi lemak' is what it was in Bahasa Malaysia;
then, 'nasi lemak' it will be in English language.
hammmboiiiihhhh...berhabok spekking gitewww kan nyah?

okeyyy...nasi lemak here actually means
fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk.
then, the word 'lemak' here also means 'creamy'.

nasi lemak is a traditional dish famous among the Malays.
but nowadays, nasi lemak has won the hearts of every Malaysians.
the condiments vary according to one's personal preference;
some like it with extra spicy anchovy sambal,
some might even want it with curry,
some like it with pickles,
some like it with pineapple chutney...
and...psstt...some even like it with tempoyak!
what's tempoyak? well, it's fermented durian curds.

anyway, it's anyone for their liking....
so, come to Malaysia, and enjoy a plate of 
very yummy nasi lemak.

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