Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SERENGKA : FotoGrid Siri 1

a picture worth a thousand words!
now i have two photo-grids of 16 photos...
so, that means there are....160,000 words!
omG...i ain't gonna do that!

instead, i'm just going to story-story a little-little...
hahahaha...broken English!

1) Miss Linda, Mdm Rose and I - yang ini bergambar style 60an yang skema sangat pesennya.
2) Learning the knots from my students - tapi, susah juga belajar ikatan pengakap ni, sampai budak pun boleh ketawakan i.
3) Mr. WK and Azizi - lepak dalam perahu en route ke Kapit
4) smiley-happy students
5) students during assembly
6) Mr. Amirul and the students - instructing the students of some new poses...
7) Mr. Awie and Mr. Hamdan - in candid mode! comel sangat lah tuuuuu!
8) Mr. Jesion and Miss Sarida - Jess and Kak Idot..hehehehe...

1) Malaysia Day Celebration at SK Nanga Kain 
2) Auntie Roselind is coaching her netball team - emmm, actually, my team as well! 
3) Laie, Sonnia and Karen - after cleaning-out and re-arranging my desk. 
4) Ayu, Sofea and Doris - my three Year 6 students
5) My students.... my Year 6 girls....hehehehehe
6) Mr. Azizi is coaching his soccer team - and, yet again, this is also my team.
7) Rumah Biru - managed to win fourth place during our school's sports day
8) saying grace - pre-schoolers during recess 

i featured some of the photos before, but this time, i'm re-featuring the photos again as a special 'look back' at the year in SK Nanga Kain.

that's it for now....u just wait, because more are coming up! 
watch-out for FotoGrid Siri 2....

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  1. Siri Foto-Grid 2011 yang pertama.ada beberapa lagi yang menyusul.just klik the link at the bottom of the blogpost. heheheh


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