Saturday, September 11, 2010

jala or karas

i found my fav kuih in carrefour, bkt. Rimau..
in swak, it's called kuih jala n here, it's called kuih karas!
caption courtesy of B Harjit Kaur Khaira

salah satu kuih tradisional kegemaran, my personal favourite. 

i remember i used to eat this kuih (cake?biscuit?snack?) when i was still a kid which was wayyyyyy back 78 years ago. 

my late grandma would prepare this two months ahead before eid, and she would prepare 3 large tins of this kuih for her grandchildren. a total of almost twenty(or maybe more) would come to her house and every single one of her grandchildren (including moi) would certainly be snacking on this kuih. the best part was, before everyone left, she would pack some of this kuih for us.

so sad, eid just wasn't the same without her. 
i miss her so much. 

thanks to the photographer : 
B Harjit Kaur Khaira (via facebook)


  1. my favourite snack, too, tauhid...i was really overjoyed to see it at the hypermarket yesterday...glad that i contributed something in ur blog...didn't know this kuih has many fans..~peace~

  2. i think out of all traditional kuih, kuih jala ranked the highest....i think so. again, thanks B.


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