Tuesday, October 18, 2016

HAPPY : Malam Festival Kebudayaan (Part 1 - Fashion)


kalau sebelah petang nya bersukan....
malam nya pulak berfesyen show.
sempena Malam Festival Kebudayaan. 

bertahun lama dah i plan 
nak buat malam kebudayaan nih...
alhamdulillah, tahun ni menjadi kenyataan
dan dapat sambutan yang sangat best!

pertunjukan fesyen pada sebelah malam tu 
dimulakan dengan pertunjukan fesyen 
pakaian tradisional oleh kumpulan pelajar 
Prasekolah Gemilang SERENGKA.

kiut-kiut jerrr diorang berfesyen malam tu
nampak meriah dan gempak sangat!
and of course, the pre-schoolers 
steal the show with their performance 
of Jalur Gemilang. 

and then there was the 
Upper Primary students' category
there were only 12 contestants
each class would have to be represented 
by two tributes, one boy and one girl...
ehh...macam Hunger Games lah pulakkk....hahaha.

the contestants were required 
to present themselves in traditional attire
and were judged by their confidence, 
completeness of their attire and style. 

needless to say, 
it was an enjoyable night 
for everyone
even the audience were 
beautifully and handsomely attired 
and there was this special category 
for the most beautifully dressed audience that night. 

the event then closed for the night...
everyone needed to be ready for 
tomorrow's official sports day opening ceremony. 
this would story will be continued
in my next blogpost. 

keep on reading yaa....

thanks to my wonderful 
Abang Sado photographer  
for taking such beautiful photos. 

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