Sunday, February 21, 2016

Makan : Roti Jala

Saturday is a day for lazying around
for some...not me. hehehehe

woke up yesterday morning 
with a craving for something 
simple yet spicy

and then i got the idea 
for making 
Roti Jala with sweet spicy sambal.

Roti Jala literally translated into "net bread"
when the correct translation should be
mesh crepe....or something like that. get the idea just by looking at the pictures.

the ingredients for making the roti are
two cups of plain flour
two eggs
three cups of water

a pinch of salt 
butter or oil (for frying)

lightly grease a frying pan 
over a very small flame.

in a food mixer
combine the flour, water and salt
and blends to a slight watery consistency
then add in the eggs.

if you want, you may add some food coloring.

to make the crepe, 
simply use an oil funnel with a very tiny spout.
make several criss-cross lines over the hot pan  
and let it slightly cooked. 
please...don't let it cooked through
otherwise the crepe will be too crispy to fold. 

serve the crepes with your own favourite dip...
either spicy sambal, chilli sauce, mayonaise, 
sweet condensed milk
or even any fruit jam.

go ahead...try it.  

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