Monday, August 31, 2015

back to nature

last weekend was an enjoyable time
for my students and i

due to the coming examination
the students had to stay in school
and attend extra classes 
doing revisions and mock exams

but when the weather got too hot
it was best to soak in the brooks 
and enjoy nature 
in full splendor and ultimate HD

wow...some words huh..!

so then, i took my students 
for a nature walk in the forest
near my school.

it was an enjoyable moment
- kids get to be kids,
catching water bugs
collecting rocks
swim and play
in the cool forest.

it was a nice escape for a moment
time to relax the mind and body
and have fun while doing it.

so, here's wishing all the best to my students
for their coming exam.

enjoy looking at the pictures yaaa...

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