Thursday, April 30, 2015

Berlatih Koir Bersama Tahun 6

Kuarters kediaman i ni memang kelezzz sangat
multi-functional of the highest level!
Rumah kediaman, kelas, restaurant, kedai fotostat,
kedai peralatan sukan, foto studio, surau...(eh?)
farmasi, oddity shop, muzium, cabaret
and now...another title added to it...
vocal class! Year 6 students
practicing for their choir competition.

They came to my house 
almost every afternoon and evening.

Mr Azizi and i had to take turns 
practicing them for their Bahasa Malaysia and 
English song.

Personally, it was a great experience training them
because i get to sing along.

Sampai serak-serak rock suara i.
Hehehehe...berangan sangat laaa
nak kata suara i ni suara rock kannnn....

They trained almost two hours for each session
and i can tell you...
my Year 6 students really like to sing
flat here and there...sana sini...

But, kids, you guys did well for your performances
eventhough you guys only got third place.
But, really, i'm so proud of you all.

Now the competition is over...
let's double..or triple our focus
on doing well for the upcoming exam.

Start your engine...
and let's go!

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