Saturday, September 27, 2014

PI/KT 1998/2001

semenjak mendapat khabar
that one of my friend had passed away
i buka balik album koleksi foto zaman belajar
di maktab perguruan dulu.

how everything had changed through time
these people that i knew then
now went separate ways
doing what we were trained to be

back then
our class motto was
"for better or worse, always together"
the motto that we;once, made us laugh at ourselves.
'mana ada together?' one might be heard saying that to our face.

But then, what can we do?
We believed that we were invincible
nothing bad would happen to us -
we  go on training, graduate, work, teach and retire
Little did we knew that one of us will be gone sooner than the rest.

and in passing of a dear friend
that we learn the value of friendship.
how things we changed.

i'm dedicating this blogpost to my friends and lecturers
during my teacher trainee years.
and definitely, this is specially dedicated to
the families and the husband of
Hasnani Hashim

i miss you all sooooo much.

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  1. Al-Fatihah dear sister, I'm glad to know that u have such a good friend..😢 thank you..


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