Sunday, May 27, 2012

CANVAS : "Jula-Juli Raja Mencari Calon Isteri"

semasa majlis sambutan 
Hari Guru SK Nanga Kain 2012
peringkat sekolah hari tuuu...
i telah cuba membuat satu pementasan komedi-muzikal
yang sangaaaaaaaat pendek.... 
well, about ten minute or sooo....

this sketch was my second attempt at writing and directing a stage play...
the first was in 2000....
entitled "Siti Laila"- a parody of the famous children's classic, "Cinderella"
performed by my fellow college mates. (thanks guys!)

now, twelve years later (2012), 
i tried my hands at writing and directing 
"Jula-Juli Raja Mencari Calon Isteri"
a short comedic play about 
a picky king looking for a new queen!
but at the moment, 
i can only share some photos of the play.
i promise, i'll upload the video on youtube....

here's to my students, thank you!
Mexwell Roy as Raja Negeri Tepung Jagung (King of Cornflour Kingdom)
E.C. Sabang as Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister)
Janiecy Sally as Tuan Puteri Tari-Tarian (Princess Dance)
Rebecca Shima as Tuan Puteri Nyanyi-Nyanyian (Princess Sing)
Valerie as Tuan Puteri Model-Modelan (Princess Model)
Veronica as Si Bibik Tukang Masak DiRaja (the royal cook)
Racheal as the narrator
E.E. Along as the voice for Raja Negeri Tepung Jagung
Affendi as the voice for Perdana Menteri
Rebecca Tol as the voice for Si Bibik Tukang Masak DiRaja

production crew:
announcer: Mdm. Nurhananni
technician: Mr. Amirulizan
guitar supplied by Mr. Amiruddin
Princesses' costumes: Mdm Connie and Auntie Roselind
make-up: me!
photography: Ms. Rufina of RGM™2012
videography: Miss Linda Jim 

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