Friday, November 26, 2010

Prelude to the series of poems about night.....

Excuse me for quoting: The authors of "Language And How To Use It".

'Nights can be mysterious and beautiful. Have you ever thought about the sound of the night wind, the colors of the night sky, or the beauty of stars and moonlight?'

coming up, i'll be featuring some poems about night, plus, i'll be featuring some of my own poems (and maybe paintings...if there are any..). my poems would mostly be in Bahasa Malaysia. i might took some effort to translate them, but i'm sure the poems then wouldn't be that poetic. but,  then again, i will try my best to please.

so, let me start. here's a poem about night's enchantment, titled...well, NIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT.

by Edith H. Brown

Something in the night
       enthralls me. 
I shall never, never tire
of winds and stars and 
and cool moonfire. 

a poem by Edith H. Brown
Copyright © 1966 by F. A. Owen Publishing Company

taken from Language And How To Use It by Scott, Foresman and Company, Glenview, Illinois 
Copyright © 1969, 1973 by by Scott, Foresman and Company
All Rights Reserved. 

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