Sunday, August 8, 2010

Merdeka mood in SK Nanga Kain

                Hmm…it is the Merdeka (independence) time again. Usually, during this month, every school in Malaysia will participate in the celebration of independence of our beloved nation. Flags will be put up around the school; class will be decorated with mini-flags; patriotic songs performed during assembly; the students would run-out of red,white,yellow&blue crayons/coloured pencils; and competitions would be held throughout the month.

              The same enthusiasm is shared here in SK Nanga Kain. Few events were planned for this year’s Merdeka celebration. The students will participate in the official Merdeka Choir Competition. Teachers and staffs were assigned to train and choose their songs. Then, it’s up to them, how they want their students to perform. Luckily for me, I’m not in the training department….so as to say. I’m one of the judges for the competition. Usually, it’s the duty of the class teacher to train and choreograph the students’ performances, and as always, I would mess-up the performance by doing something different or extravagant. Hmmm, maybe the administrators don’t want me to over-choreograph, that’s why; this time; they put me in the most “docile” position. 

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