Tuesday, November 10, 2009

secret's out...

This is my final project for this year. Well, the video hasn’t been uploaded yet, but insyallah, it will. But for now, do feast your eyes with these video stills.

This will be my final unofficial music video for White Shoes And The Couples Company. I will not be making anymore music video for next year, or maybe ever. The video will complete my White Shoes And The Couples Company unofficial music video trilogy. I would like to extend my greatest and sincerest gratitude and thanks to the band for their understanding and for allowing me to use their songs in the videos.

I would also like to thank the mamarock films™ crew for their support in making the videos:
jesion, laura, rufina, desmond, m zairy.

To all the models ( all of which are my students ) :
augustine, bhrusly, catherine, christina, desmond, francis, gillian, icha, imanuel, jessica, karthina, nadia, nelson, nike ardilla, patricia, patricia aina, patricia liza, petrik, samentha, singgal, sofia sebai, wilson, wilson phillips and winnie.

Will this be the end for mamarock films™? No. Not for other short film projects. Just wait and see.

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