Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Personal Pick Part 1

i came across this song from a British soul-eyed singer DUFFY. quite good, mellow, sorrowful, and the video has this ambiance of moving on, despite being heart-broken. i like the part where she sang and cried , and her mascara ran down her face. hmm...this singer deserves her Grammy, for sure. 
 From Wikipedia:
Song written by Jimmy Hogarth,  Eg White, and Duffy and produced by Hogarth. It was released in May 2008.
The music video for "Warwick Avenue" premiered on 23 April 2008, on Channel 4 and was directed by Daniel Wolfe. The video is almost entirely composed of a single shot; it starts with Duffy leaving Warwick Avenue Tube Station in the back of a black taxi, crying as she is singing the song. The video finishes with Duffy still in the car, wiping her tears, which had ruined her make-up. This was originally only to be one scene from the video but the director felt that the 'black taxi scene' was so real he continued to film it as the whole music video.

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